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Hey Universe,

This is a good week, a lot of emotions and A LOT of learning.  It kind of dawned on me that I might have a temper and that there are times where I can’t keep my emotions intact, especially whenever I feel (not always necessarily the truth) threatened, I guess it’s a normal reaction, am I proud of it? No.  Am I scared, fuck yeah.

Let me bullet point what else i learned this week:

  • I learned that I only go to church when the need calls for it.  How very Catholic of me.
  • I learned that I really care about my job and the people around me.
  • I learned that working hard really does pay-off.
  • I learned that working smart doesn’t always pay-off.
  • I learned to give myself time to decide and that I am capable of knowing what’s best for my interest.
  • I learned to accept the things that I cannot change and that I should be okay with it (read my post before this)
  • I learned that desperation can lead to helplessness and that helplessness WILL break you down to tiny little pieces (and it is okay)
  • I learned that above all else, class is almost always important but not necessary.
  • I learned that life is not fair to EVERYONE and it can fuck you in a moments notice (and it is okay)
  • I learned that I have the ability to influence the people around me and that I should use this God given given gift for the greater good.

As I end this week, I feel excited, another chapter is looming around the corner, a page that’s ready to be turned but not quite yet, I still need to face the ugly truth that a part of me will be buried in the next 3-4 weeks.  You’ve been kind to me universe, after all the screw ups that’s I’ve been doing these past couple of weeks, you still managed to give me this.  You’re cool, we should hang out soon.


Hey Universe,

These last couple of days have been a blur and it still is, as much as you try and ACT and be all accepting of the fact that a big chunk of your professional life will suddenly come to an end, you have no choice but to concede to the idea that nothing is permanent in this world, that’s not being pessimistic, that’s being realistic.

I played the blame game for a good hour or two but this image of Molly Shannon saying these lines to Megan Mullaly aka Karen Walker (on one of best shows on TV ever written!!!) kept popping in my head , you know what I’m talking about… see for yourself

I have come to terms that it’s going to be okay, it should and it will.

Sending this blurb out to the universe to let you know that I am okay, do not worry about me.  I am not at my happiest right now but this is not the shittiest moment of my life.

Will keep you posted.