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HASHT5 – Daming Hanash

So there’s this boygroup in the Philippines called HASHT5, why the additional T you ask? Maski sila hindi nila alam,  kidding.  According to this YouTube video, HASHT5 simply means Have A Successful Honor Talent, mejo nayanig ang mundo ko pero deadskin, ibigay kung san sila masaya. Watch the funny interview below, just glad na hinde pikon tong grupong to, kasi baka magsumbong sila sa leader ng sindikato nila pag napuno na sila sa pangaasar ng mga netizens.


Speaking of pangaasar, I follow their FB group (oo, proud ako!) and mejo harsh na nakakatawa naman ang comment ng mga tao sa mga kaawa-awang batang mga ito, I’ll give you a some matitinding samples:

  1. Mag ingat po kayo sa taong to, pag nang snatch ng cellphone yan kasama charger.
  2. Kuya kayo ba yung nag bebenta ng second hand phone sa foot bridge ng sm north ? sagutin niyo tanong ko please
  3. Tandaan nyo pagmumukha ng mga to, pag nakasabay nyo sa jeep, bus, mrt o kahit sa elevator naku bumaba na kayo agad. Magpapasko na no. Aktibo sila mga ganitong panahon
  4. Mga tol pwede sali sa group nyu? Anu po requirements? \brgy.Clerance/\police.clerance/\NBI.CLERANCE/?
  5. Tangena naman oh. Wag gawing eyeliner ang uling
  6. Buti nlang naka free data ako, d ko makikita ang mga pagmumukha nyo
  7. Puta dancer daw eh. Yan yung bumato sa sasakyan ko sa cubao ilalim. Batang hamog
  8. Infairness ah ang pangit
  9. wala naman kayo ginagawa sakin, pero naiinis ako sa mga mukha nyo.

May mga nageffort pa talaga!  Look!

12187718_572117932939305_5753637735108299090_n   12193855_1095752047104526_6478262332937651018_n

12193677_962274530480665_2315020630478447682_n   12088071_1508496106127528_9134872015328759102_n

Illuminati daw

Illuminati daw


Well, live and let live.

RE-BLOGGED: Rags to Riches

FUNNY AND WITTY – kudos to the Soshal Network girls for this entry, certainly made my day.  LOL!

Check their blogsite dali!!!!

Now, there are other products which deserve to take the center stage…. like this.


Parati natin sinasabing “Hindi ako basahan na matapos mong gamitin ay basta-basta mo na lang itatapon.” #PinulotKaLangSaLupa

Pero paano kung basahan ka nga talaga? Makatarungan ba na isantabi ka na lang na tila wala kang halaga? Let’s give credit where credit is due.

This fashion post is a tribute to all basahans who helped us make our world a cleaner one.

1. Transform your basahan, colorful or not into a statement headpiece. Attach to a plain headband, and voila! Turns into a cloth fascinator.


2. They can even protect you! And clean the volleyball court at the same time! Just add wax!


3. Go shabby chic and put some spice to your traditional half-pony with an artful but laid-back basahan scrunchie/hair tie. 


4. The circular pattern is truly versatile and looks like a flower!


5. Keep your toes warm while wiping your bedroom floor!


6. Heading to colder climate? No problem! Just take two and put them over your ears. Brrrr!


7. A true conversation piece. Perfect for a night out if paired with some bling.


8. Doesn’t matter how simple your outfit is. Key is: ACCESSORIZE! ACCESSORIZE! And it keeps your food from messing up your get-up too.


9. Perfect for bikram/hot yoga, these make for comfortable yoga outfits. Namaste.


10. Go all out on the biggest day of your life! This sits comfortably on your head as a headpiece and holds your veil in place.


Mejo effort po ang post na ito. Katumbas ng effort na binibigay ng ating mga basahan sa araw araw.

10 BIGGEST Ice Bucket Challenge Fails!

They had one job…. Just one!


What’s your Office Mood Today?

Musta ka naman????

Pili na


Flappy Bird – tuhkah!

flappy 3

Isang malaking kalokohan itong Flappy Bird, kasimpleng laro but very addicting, ihanda mo lang ang hinatataba (yan ung tagalog ng thumb right?) sa kakapindot ng very very light.  Bawal ang gigil mode kung ayaw mong mategi ng early si birdie.

At inde lang pala ako ang mukhang tanga na mura ng mura dahil sa sobrang sensitive ng ibon na to, dami ding nagrereact and mega sita sa labi ni fllappy bird.

Pati labi at weight problem issue kay kuya

Pati labi at weight problem issue kay kuya

Flappy 2

O may nabaliw na!

o xa, laro na!

Lordie! Lordie! Galing ni Lorde!

Perm ba kamo?

Perm ba kamo?

Ibang klase tong bagets na to, ikaw kaya ang manalo ng GRAMMY for Song Of The Year for “Royals” at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Madaming inde happy sa performance nya, isa lang masasabi namin ni Lorde (close kami), “kebs!”.

She has her unique way of performing:

  • Awkward? Check
  • Soulful? Yes
  • Parang may epilepsy? mejo (char).
  • Nanakot? – baka

Watch and enjoy!


Another favorite, don’t need to explain, just watch and enjoy!


I’m Gonna Kick His Ask!

This has got to be one of my favorite videos of all time, the kid is fiiiiierce!

Funny Tweets About the Apocalypse

If we’re all going to die, then let’s at least die laughing…

Mayan 1
Mayan 6 Mayan 5 Mayan 4 Mayan 3 Mayan 2


Sweet Krispy Kreme worker surprises man on quest for rejection



A man’s quest to overcome his fear of rejection by making at least one crazy request a day for 100 days was throttled last week when a Krispy Kreme employee accepted his order for five doughnuts linked together in the colors and shape of the Olympic symbol.
“It’s only my third day and I have already failed,” Jia Jiang wrote on his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy blog. “But I did so with such amazement and happiness.”
When the 31-year-old approached the register to make his “specialized” doughnut order, Jackie Braun, a shift leader at an Austin, Texas, Krispy Kreme, asked him when he would need it.
“In the next 15 minutes,” Jiang replied.
“I was honestly just hoping for a ‘no’ and to go home,” Jiang told Yahoo News in an interview on Monday.

(Krispy Kreme)
Instead, Braun spent several minutes using the back of some receipt paper to diagram the unusual order.
“Let me see what I can do,” she said.
Fifteen minutes later, she emerged with a Krispy Kreme box with the glazed Olympic ring arrangement inside—and, astonishingly, did not charge Jiang for it.
“It wasn’t exactly what he wanted,” Braun told Yahoo News. “To my eyes, it wasn’t perfect, so I didn’t think I should charge him for it. It was the best I could do in the time allotted.”
“Wow, Jackie, I’m a fan,” Jiang told her, on behalf of everyone in America.
“I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t believe it,” Jiang said. “I went home and tweeted to Krispy Kreme and blogged about it. I wanted the world to know about what she did.”
A campaign to get Braun a raise and promotion was quickly launched in the YouTube comments section underneath Jiang’s video.
“Jackie is awesome,” more than one viewer wrote. “The world needs more people like her.”
“Yo, if Krispy Kreme doesn’t promote her to CEO I’m boycotting!” wrote another. “And I love doughnuts.”
Jiang, who launched a Facebook page called “Give Jackie at Krispy Kreme a Raise,” said he returned to Krispy Kreme on Sunday to thank Braun for going above and beyond the call of doughnut duty.
Braun, though, said she didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.
“It was a simple thing,” Braun, who’s been with Krispy Kreme for five years, said. “The Olympic symbol was the only unusual part because they’re not on TV right now. But we do orders like that every day. We’re here to make people happy.”

– Yahoo! News