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HASHT5 – Daming Hanash

So there’s this boygroup in the Philippines called HASHT5, why the additional T you ask? Maski sila hindi nila alam,  kidding.  According to this YouTube video, HASHT5 simply means Have A Successful Honor Talent, mejo nayanig ang mundo ko pero deadskin, ibigay kung san sila masaya. Watch the funny interview below, just glad na hinde pikon tong grupong to, kasi baka magsumbong sila sa leader ng sindikato nila pag napuno na sila sa pangaasar ng mga netizens.


Speaking of pangaasar, I follow their FB group (oo, proud ako!) and mejo harsh na nakakatawa naman ang comment ng mga tao sa mga kaawa-awang batang mga ito, I’ll give you a some matitinding samples:

  1. Mag ingat po kayo sa taong to, pag nang snatch ng cellphone yan kasama charger.
  2. Kuya kayo ba yung nag bebenta ng second hand phone sa foot bridge ng sm north ? sagutin niyo tanong ko please
  3. Tandaan nyo pagmumukha ng mga to, pag nakasabay nyo sa jeep, bus, mrt o kahit sa elevator naku bumaba na kayo agad. Magpapasko na no. Aktibo sila mga ganitong panahon
  4. Mga tol pwede sali sa group nyu? Anu po requirements? \brgy.Clerance/\police.clerance/\NBI.CLERANCE/?
  5. Tangena naman oh. Wag gawing eyeliner ang uling
  6. Buti nlang naka free data ako, d ko makikita ang mga pagmumukha nyo
  7. Puta dancer daw eh. Yan yung bumato sa sasakyan ko sa cubao ilalim. Batang hamog
  8. Infairness ah ang pangit
  9. wala naman kayo ginagawa sakin, pero naiinis ako sa mga mukha nyo.

May mga nageffort pa talaga!  Look!

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Illuminati daw

Illuminati daw


Well, live and let live.

The Entire Argument For Blaming Sexters, Destroyed In 1 Tweet



Perhaps you have a friend who thinks all those celebrities whose nude photos were leaked on Sunday deserved what they got. “Anyone who doesn’t want their naked photos going public shouldn’t have ever taken them,” your theoretical friend argues.

Well, your friend surely wouldn’t feel the same way if someone hacked, say, his or her bank account instead of someone else’s iPhone. Or as The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo put it…




Originally published by Huffington Post

BuzzFeed: Those Jennifer Lawrence Pictures Aren’t Scandalous

Why Jennifer Lawrence’s “dirty” photos shouldn’t — and probably won’t — make you think differently about her.


More than 60 years ago, an “it” girl not dissimilar to Jennifer Lawrence also had highly suggestive and topless photos emerge into the public sphere, just as her career was rocketing from B-player to A-list star. A 23-year-old Marilyn Monroe, desperate for work, posed nude for art photographer Tom Kelley in 1949, receiving $50 for her time.

She made rent, and continued her fledgling career. It wasn’t until 1952, when two of the images from the shoot showed up in a calendar called Golden Dreams, that the photo shoot came back to (potentially) haunt her.

At first, it was mere speculation that the anonymous girl in the pages of the calendar seemed to look strikingly similar to one of Fox’s up-and-coming starlettes. But as it became increasingly clear that it was, in fact, Monroe nude on a bed of red satin, she urged her studio to let her guide her own PR strategy, one brilliant in its simplicity.

Instead of denouncing the images, Monroe took control of the narrative. She’d been hungry and behind on rent, and besides, she had always insisted that the photographer’s wife be in the room. “I’m not ashamed of it,” she told the press. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

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10 BIGGEST Ice Bucket Challenge Fails!

They had one job…. Just one!


Pinay Sisters in Korean KPOP talent show Wows the Judges

See it to believe


Lordie! Lordie! Galing ni Lorde!

Perm ba kamo?

Perm ba kamo?

Ibang klase tong bagets na to, ikaw kaya ang manalo ng GRAMMY for Song Of The Year for “Royals” at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Madaming inde happy sa performance nya, isa lang masasabi namin ni Lorde (close kami), “kebs!”.

She has her unique way of performing:

  • Awkward? Check
  • Soulful? Yes
  • Parang may epilepsy? mejo (char).
  • Nanakot? – baka

Watch and enjoy!

This is it! The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie Has a Cast!


According to the latest chika, there is already a release date (parang preso lang) and they’ve identified the actor and actress who will play the role of Christian and Anastasia. 

Mga actors na napipisil:

  1. Colin Farrel, buti na lang at inde si Will Ferrell
  2. Ian Somerhalder – maginoong bastos
  3. Matt Bomer – gustong mabastos ng mga maginoo – bekling siya so I love him
  4. Alexander Skarsgard – not a fan so kebs
  5. Robert Pattinson – i‘m not sure if he can pull it off (pun intended, chost!)

For the babaita naman:

  1. Amanda Seyfried – if she can spell ORANGE na then pwede, carry naman nya ang brunette eh.
  2. Nina Dobrev – pag nag team up sila ni Ian dito then extended version na siya ng Vampire Diairies, OA na, Vampire Diary-a.
  3. Mila Kunis – mejo nadidistract ako sa voice nya, naalala ko si Meg of Family Guy, paopera ang vocal cords then magaudition.
  4. Emily Browning – oh yes! the innocent pinabili lang ng suka sa kanto look is the one to beat (pun intended, nyahahaha!)
  5. Alexis Bledel – remember Gilmore Girls? siya yung know it all na babaita dun, I like her too, inosente de ti ang peg.

Everything is going to be revealed sa ComicCon the weekend of July 18th, so ilang bangungot na lang alam na natin.

To the actress na napili, learn to Kiegel na teh!

By the way, my safe word is EWWW, in case you guys are wondering.

Sino kayang pedeng magplay locally?

Christian Grey:

  1. Victor Basa – my forever crush, from lips to abs.
  2. Diether Ocampo – mukhang mahilig manakit then magsosorry after, bagay.
  3. Victor Aliwalas – oh yes! Why not!
  4. Jake Cuenca – give ko na din sa kanya bilang blog ko to
  5. Coco Martin – wag lang mashadong ma-S yung script ha.

That’s it pansit!

Dance With My Father

Mejo napush ni kid ang tamang pagkanta ng Dance with my Pudak, salamat at naapply nya yung mga turo ko.




Another favorite, don’t need to explain, just watch and enjoy!


Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot Video

Mejo challenge for me a ang pagdribble ng bola let alone ang pag shoot! May future tong batang to, itrain mo na to Coach Roach.