11 Famous Geniuses And The Bizarre Daily Rituals They Relied On To Get Shit Done

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1. Karl Marx smoked like a chimney, even though it almost killed him.

“His mode of living consisted of daily visits to the British Museum reading-room, where he normally remained from nine in the morning until it closed at seven; this was followed by long hours of work at night, accompanied by ceaseless smoking, which from a luxury had become an indispensable anodyne; this affected his health permanently and he became liable to frequent attacks of a disease of the liver sometimes accompanied by boils and an inflammation of the eyes, which interfered with his work, exhausted and irritated him, and interrupted his never certain means of livelihood.”

Karl Marx: His Life and Environment

2. Truman Capote stayed horizontal as often as possible.

“I am a completely horizontal author. I can’t think unless I’m lying down, either in bed or…

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