5 Transgenders Turned Away from Icon Bar

Makati, Philippines – It was reported that 5 transgenders were forbidden from entering the Icon Bar last Friday at around 2:30AM. The bar manager claimed that they have a “No cross-dressers” policy.

According to the complainants, Icon bar later allowed a transgender to enter the bar who came in a car. When asked, the manager then said that the transgender is on the guest list.

The discussion went on for several minutes, with the manager taking a firm stand on the bar’s “no cross-dresser” policy. She then turned her back on the group and went inside the establishment.

The group already reported the incident to the Police just right across the Hotel.

The management claimed that they do allow transgender on a “case to case” basis.

The complaint was specific to the Bar and not the Hotel.

My say on this,

As a member of the GBLT community, I am very disappointed with what happened, It was clearly discrimination and they cannot deny that fact, especially now that we have a video circulating on the web.

Icon Bar, please get with the program. Whatever policy you’re following is very 1990s, live and let live, they obviously just want to enjoy, grab a few drinks and have fun and yet you deprived these group of people of that luxury, for what? for being different?

I would like to give the manager the benefit of the doubt (daw) given that she was just probably adhering to the bar’s policy. What i don’t appreciate is that she repeatedly described the five as “men” and referred to each of them as “he”. It was an obvious mockery.

We have gay clubs everywhere, around the metro, maybe next to your nearest suking tindahan, but do you see us turning our backs away from straight customers (male and female)? We will never do this to a fellow human being.

You know the civilized and ethical thing to do: Stop discrimination in your establishments.

Bigotry is never ethical nor a sound business strategy.


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