Bayo’s Official Statement

Manila, Philippines – It was an attempt to be different and to standout, but it turned into a marketing strategy gone wrong.

The controversial Bayo ad material features actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith (sister of Anne Curtis) with the short copy stating: “50% Australian and 50% Filipino,” focusing on the model’s mixed-race lineage.

For the most part, there are 2 issues that are being raised,

1. What about the 100% Pinoys? It came across that if you are not mixed race then you are not attractive,

2. It also promotes the idea that in order for one to be beautiful than a person needs to “mix” with a different ethnicity in order for that someone to achieve beauty.


The controversial ad that started it all


#Bayo immediately became one of the trending topics over the social networking site Twitter. And of course, being Pinoy we found a way to make light of the issue and chose to deal with the situation only a true blue Pinoy can,





After all that’s said and done, Bayo then released a statement regarding this controversy,

Below is a statement from Bayo’s Vice President Lyn Agustin to address the issue.



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